Airpro Mask

Airpro Mask (Stay safe and protect you from diseases).

  1. High-grade and effective filter material
    99.9% FILTER PM 2.5: Uses H13 grade HEPA high-efficiency filter material, 99.9% filter PM2.5 in the air, effectively intercepts poisonous gas, dust particles, hair, pollen, chemicals, second-hand smoke, and other harmful substances.
  2. Powerful circulation and ventilation system, continuous air supply
    An axial flow fan runs at 1650 RPM so that the clean air passing through the filter element can be accelerated and permeated without stopping. Innovative honeycomb design increases air intake and reduces wind resistance. The spiral-widening air duct design makes air flow more smooth and efficient.
  3. Easy three gear adjustments to prevent mask stuffiness
    Mask includes three options of 2.35, 1.77, and 1.18 CFM. High-level 2.35 CFM is used for physical labor and sports. Mid-level 1.77 CFM and low-level 1.18 CFM is used for daily use. Masks by default has an automatic fresh air supply mode, that filters outside air through the H13 HEPA filter, and pushes out along the circular air duct, creating a continuous stream of fresh air in the mask. Resolves the problem of stuffiness in most masks while also sending clean air to the mouth anytime and anywhere.
  4. Designed for comfort and daily use
    The outer rim of the mask fits tightly but comfortably to the face and prevents any outside pollutant from entering. Adjustable nose clips on the mask also ensures users are comfortable wearing the mask.
  5. Compact and lightweight rechargeable air pump
    The air pump is rechargeable and can be worn on the arm, neck, or helmet. Air pump is also specifically designed be light and easy to carry for everyday usage.
  6. Long filter life, USB charging air pump
    The filter element can be used up to 500 hours; air pump can be charged through a USB port.
  7. Certified by the CE, Registered FDA Class I
    Airpro Respirator Masks have CE, Respirator Approval and has a 99.39% microbiology filter efficiency testing.